Dhoomimal Gallery brought exceptionally interesting, affordable and accessible art works to create awareness about art by opening an ART MARKET in the heart of the city which will range between Rs. 3,000-40,000 There were young artists doing live painting with music. Our aim was to promote young artists globally. We will be doing art market every Wednesday in the evening for the awareness of public who are interested in art but they don’t step into the gallery by thinking that they won’t be able to afford it. To get rid of the challenges in Indian art is the desperate need and it is really important to create an equal public awareness for art itself. In a country where urban life is entirely out of doors, the invitation to open the gallery doors is a natural expectation. Obviously, the public’s participation with art can only come through intense visibility. While the art summits are a big draw and do create the carnival atmosphere, they are still indoors and exclusive events. A serious public interest is possible only when public art becomes as energetic and spirited as Indian street life itself.


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